Online lottery games

Online lottery games bandar togel online in today’s world are definitely easier for those of you who like to play the lottery on the ground. You just need to look for a lottery dealer is a medium that saves your money and issues a number that will later become the jackpot or the winning figure.

Don’t be afraid of losing If you play lottery online, you don’t need to lose because the series of numbers you spend still has a chance to win, even if only a few numbers come out. For example you put the number 1234, if removing from the pool that came out was 3456 then you have the opportunity to get a prize too because it is still in the 2D category and other categories. Types of Games in Togel

1. 4D, 3D and 2D First there are lottery types 4d, 3d, and 2d, which is agreed here is that you can win the lottery if only 3 or 2 numbers come out, you can get a jackpot if the numbers that come out are 4 numbers.

bandar togel online

2. Plug free The first analysis, suppose the number that comes out is 4321 For example, purchased 3 with a value of 100 thousand. Means winning: 100 thousand + [Win index for free poke]

3. Plug in 2D Free 2D free plugs are the same as free plugs, it’s just that the numbers dropped here are 2 numbers, for example The first analysis, for example, the numbers coming out are 4321 issued bought 3 and 4 with a value of 100 thousand. Means winning: 200 thousand + [victory index for free plugs ]

4. Plug in Sharp In the telling plug you have to really guess the number and it must match the position as, header. head and tail. Suppose you win number 1 in the number 1234 with the position of the US then you will only win the money that your previous pair. Instead the number 1 comes out on your guess but you guessed it in the tail position then you will still get the pairs.

Plug in the Dragon How to plug in the dragon is the same as plug in bebes, the number you install must win 3 from the number that came out. Suppose the number that comes out is 1234 and you win with 1.3.4 then you will win because the 3-digit number that you guessed is out.

However, if you win 1, 2, 5 from the number that comes out 1234, then you will lose then the bet value will not be returned. 6. 50-50 (Big-Small-Odd-Even) Suppose the number comes out: 4327 and so on. You can guess Even / Odd, Big / Small of 2 combinations of US, COOP, HEAD, TAIL

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